Saturday, June 27, 2015

FissureVerse: 8 Cards Get Art!

I added eight more cards with art.  Thanks to jjpeabody, Gij Arentz, Andrew Chen, and Clément Galtier for letting me use their art!

First, four new Crusaders! One of each!

Returned, Turbulent, Nightcaps, Addicts
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Returned is a reference to returning from the dead.  As you can see by the flavor text, what lies beyond isn't precisely heavenly.

Turbulent is meant to be the big storm, not the plane, of course.  Then again, it's not the storm as much as it is what lies hidden within the storm.

Nightcaps has been a tough one to find art for.  Nightcaps was meant to be only half a reference to the garment, and half a reference to the fungus.  But ultimately, the term would have to be completely abstracted out and become a whole new beast.  So I found this creature, and I think it works well.  I'm also glad I'm finding more non-human characters to push the look and feel and tone of the game to a more sci-fi theme.

Addicts, I decided, would be a warrior.  I had considered the art on this card to be for Servants of the Noise, as well, but ultimately picked this because I think given the special rules and the attributes, it just fits much better.

Next, four locations! (Not one of each.)

Cremation, Haven, Waterfall, Paradise

I like the contrast between these four cards: Cremation and Paradise are lonely and haunting, while Haven and Waterfall are bright and cozy.  I think all of them capture very well exactly what I was going for, so flavor text didn't need to change any to go with them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

FissureVerse - Rogations will be the death of me.

I centered all the Location text, just for a little consistency.

I also clarified Rogations once more, and Bolded the text at the beginning of each Rogation to indicate what kind of Rogation it is.  Immediate Rogations start with "Immediately", Lasting Rogations start with "This Round...", and Conditional Rogations start with "The next time...".  Hopefully that's a good enough indicator of how it's played, without needing to make new symbols.

Of course, I only did this with Rogations that currently have art on them, so the old ones with "ART TBD" aren't fixed.  As I add art to them I'll fix them.

I also finally did the fix that showed how much of a derp I am, and bordered all the cards.  Now it should be much easier to cut out the cards along the borders.  That is, for only the cards with art... man, my workflow is stupid.  Locations were already bordered, as well as Frenzies, though Frenzies got a new border to be in line with the rest of the cards.

Also, two more Location cards get artwork!  Thanks to Clément Galtier and SnowSkadi for the art!

Aetherworld, House of Solidity
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By coincidence, these cards are opposites, but I like how they seem to be parallel universe mirror images.  The Aetherworld flavor text was a fortune cookie.  I'm still considering whether to use flavor text for House of Solidity, or leave it as the blank Yellow card, to suggest either that the House of Solidity is holy and you must remain silent in it, or that it is such foreboding place you'd be too scared to make a noise near it (look at them crossbows).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

FissureVerse: Rogations Rules clarified and fixed.

I've altered the Rogations rules text in the instructions.  The full text is below, but the gist is that it's just a careful expansion of the rules I had posted, spelled out in greater detail in hopes of being clearer, and on par with the Frenzy and Crusade explanations.  I also changed the way you can take back your unrevealed Rogations, so it plays a little more like Frenzies, but with a bit of an extra penalty for retracting a revealed Rogation.

I'm also seriously considering adding some extra symbol to Rogation cards to let the player know what kind of Rogation it is (since I split them into Immediate, Lasting, and Conditional).  Perhaps the symbol will be in the middle of the card with the Crusader requirements.


Rogations are special cards which you may play out of Turn Order.  However, you can only play Rogations between Player Turns, or immediately before the first Player's turn, or immediately after the last Player's Turn.

Each Player may only play one Rogation at a time, and may only play one Rogation per Round.  If a Player has one Rogation currently in play, that Player may not play another Rogation until the first is Resolved.  Other Players, however, may play a Rogation of their own whether other Players have Rogations in play or not.

To play a Rogation, you must announce between Player Turns that you have a Rogation to play (or during a Turn, you announce that at the end of the current Turn you have a Rogation to play).  This prevents the next Player from starting their Turn early, before you have a chance to perform your Rogation.

If multiple players announce their intention to play Rogations between the same phase, precedence is determined by Turn Order: the Player who goes first in Turn Order plays their Rogation first.  A Player who wants to play a Rogation but is superseded by another Player may decide to not play their Rogation at that time--or might even be prevented from playing theirs!

After use or completion, Rogations are discarded into the appropriate Player's Discard Pile.  Rogations stay in play until their effect is complete.  Leave all Rogations in sight of all players to reference until the Rogation is discarded.

Rogations usually require a minimum number of your Crusaders to be in the Field of Play to use.  Sometimes there is a straightforward minimum number, other times there are special requirements explained on the card.  For instance, Whispers requires you to have fewer Crusaders in the Field of Play than any of your Opponents.

If two or more Rogations are played that contradict each other, the first played takes precedence.

When Rogations contradict Location cards, Location cards take precedence.  However, you may sacrifice one of your Crusaders in your hand or in the Field of Play to the Vortex to override the Location's rule and allow the contradicting Rogation to take precedence.

There are three informal Rogation types: Immediate, Lasting, and Conditional.  Each plays slightly differently, but all Rogations are simple enough to follow.

Rogation i.) Immediate

Some Rogations have an immediate effect.  Sometimes, the Rogation's first word is "Immediately", letting you know that the effect will occur without pause.

To play an Immediate Rogation, simply reveal it from your hand if you meet the minimum Crusder requirements, and follow the instructions on the card.  Discard the Rogation when you are done.

Rogation ii.) Lasting

Lasting Rogations act similarly to Immediate Rogations, except that they remain in the Field of Play for a limited amount of time.

Like Immediate Rogations, you may play Lasting Rogations immediately from your hand when you meet the minimum Crusader requirement, but do not Discard them immediately.  Lasting Rogations will give a time frame, usually until the end of the Round.  This makes it especially useful to play Lasting Rogations at the beginning of the Round, to make sure they last as long as possible.  Remember: a new Round doesn't begin until a new Location card is revealed!

Rogation iii.) Conditional

Conditional Rogations play differently from Immediate and Lasting Rogations.  These Rogations only have an effect when some extra condition is met.  Conditional Rogations usually start with "The next time..." to indicate its latent effect.

You do not play Conditional Rogations from your hand, but rather you place them in the Field of Play first, until the condition is met.  You do *not* have to meet the minimum number of Crusaders in the Field of Play when you put the Rogation into the Field of Play, nor do you have to announce your intention.  Instead, you must meet the minimum number of Crusaders in your Field of Play and announce your intention to play the Rogation *when the other condition is met*.

For instance, suppose you have Burial Rites in your hand.  You can place it in the Field of Play any time.  The condition for Burial Rites is "The next time one of your Crusaders is killed...", and the minimum Crusader requirements is 1.  So, the next time one of your Crusaders is killed, and you *still have one Crusader in the Field of Play*, Burial Rites takes effect.  If you only had one Crusader in the Field of Play, and it was killed, you now have zero Crusaders in the Field of Play, so Burial Rites cannot not go into effect.

If you are placing a Conditional Rogation in the Field of Play, you may place the Rogation facedown.  You may reveal it anytime before it takes effect, or at the moment when the Rogation goes into effect.  You do not have to reveal the Rogation as soon as it meets the requirements to become active; you can instead continue to leave it facedown for as long as you like.  However, for the Rogation to have an effect, it must meet both the requirements specified on the Rogation, and be faceup.

If you have placed a Conditional Rogation into the Field of Play and decide you wish to get rid of it, you may Discard it at anytime; however, you must spend one Token to do so. If you do not have any Tokens, you cannot remove the Rogation from the Field of Play.

You can, however, at any time, swap a facedown Rogation with another Rogation from your hand without penalty.  The Rogation you no longer wish to use simply goes back into your hand, replacing the new Rogation which you have placed in the Field of Play.  You cannot swap faceup Rogations.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

FissureVerse - Minor fixes, and two cards

I centered all the Rogation text.  While I was at it I lowered the cost of Rapture to 0 (from 1).  Tithe's text was fixed to say "Directly Refill" instead of just "Refill".  I also changed Whispers so you must only have fewer Crusaders in the Field of Play than one of your opponents, not all of them, because otherwise in four-player games, it would be exceptionally difficult to play this.

A couple other minor adjustments:  I gave Green's Flesh bold red text because it matters in every crusade (which I had apparently done before, according to the instruction manual, but I guess something got lost in translation), and I gave Seedling an extra +1 to Reason to make it balance along the same lines as Starving (which is its opposite).

Lastly (but not leastly!), I finally got some art for a Red card and a Frenzy!  Thanks to JoJoe for the art!

Love Potion, The Winged
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Friday, June 5, 2015

FissureVerse: Rogation Fixes & Rules Doc

The instruction manual has been added to the drive.

It's currently missing pictures and the Sample Game, but I think for the most part it's complete.  Now that it's in there, I'll update that file rather than posting complete rulesets as a post on this blog.

The Rogation rule change has been added in the instructions, so it's as up-to-date as it can be.  Also, I updated the Whispers Rogation to properly mention the specific requirements on the card itself, to align with the new rules.

Hopefully the Rogation rules aren't too confusing; I may have to split up the Rogation rules into sections like I did with all the other Actions.

But anyway, that's for readers and players to let me know.  So be one!  Play FissureVerse all complete and stuff!