Saturday, May 30, 2015

FissureVerse: Yellow Crusaders

Yellow Crusaders have been uploaded to the drive.

Quite a few cards got rebalanced, though none really got their rules changed.  Fevers, Bishop of Hatred, King, and Cargo Vessel got nerfed.  Apparitions, Turbulent, and Ambassador got a boost.  I did not realize Yellow was so out of alignment (I think) with the other cards.  Like I mentioned last time, Propagandists has taken the place of Irregularity.

But, with this set, all the cards are now available for download.  Of course, art will still take ages, but all the cards are at least there, balanced (supposedly), and you can play the game completely, including with the new rules from a couple posts back.  I'll be adding that Rogation change, adding some diagrams, and then posting the rules in a PDF format to the drive.  I'll also be making a few more minor corrections to cards which have already been given art (like centering the text), but beyond that, playtesting is required now before any new balancing can happen.  I can only guess so much!

Friday, May 29, 2015

FissureVerse - Red Crusaders

The Red Player's Crusaders have been added to the drive.

Apart from the usual rebalancing, I clarified Scatterbrains, since I caught an instance where there may be confusion.  Since Scatterbrains can split one Crusade against two opponents, suppose Scatterbrains split its Crusade against two different players?  If Scatterbrains were trying to convert by Reason, and Scatterbrains were Truly Converted by both Opponents, where does Scatterbrains go?  I made it so the original player of Scatterbrains gets to decide.

I've also switch Yellow's Irregularity with Red's Propagandists, because thematically Red wouldn't propagandize, but Yellow would.  Irregularity fits nicely with Red, so everything's alright there.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

FissureVerse: Green Cards

The full Green Cards pdf has been added to the drive.

The first major issue was changing the rules for Changeling, since I realized it was utterly broken and no player would ever put it in their deck as it was.  Now the player has an option whether to change with an opponent, rather than being forced to for an even swap.  I also balanced the numbers for it to make it more even.  I think the special rules don't make things any easier or harder.

Fireflies, Lidless, Quarantined, and Trailblazers were reworded.  I clarified in Quarantined that it doesn't matter who is the offense in the crusade for the special rules to apply.  Lugubrious and Numerologist, being red text cards, had to be rebalanced to be in line with other red text cards.

Tricksters got a slight addition and rebalancing partly for the sake of clarification.  Since Tricksters copies an Opponent's Frenzy, would Tricksters itself become a Zealot?  That hurts things for the Trickster if, say, it's going against Quarantined (assuming for the sake of argument that another player already had control of one of those two cards).  So I made it more versatile so the player gets to decide what it is.

Friday, May 22, 2015

FissureVerse: Rogations

I've posted a full set of Rogations to the drive.

Besides wording issues to match the new rules, I also changed "Mercy" to "Beg Mercy", because that's more along the line of what it is.  "Mercy" would be slightly different, and I may add that in the future.  I also changed Raindance's Crusader requirement from 1 to 2, and changed Phantasmagoria from having more Crusaders than an opponent to just having one.  Whispers still requires you to have fewer cards than your opponent, but that's the only one now.

I think what I'll do with Rogations is have them require a specific amount of Crusaders, but generally not "less than" or "more than." In special instances like with Whispers, I'll give it an asterisk and put special rules on the card, like I did with Wedding.  That should clean up the rules a lot and make things are less confusing.

However, what I will add to the Rogation rules is the ability to place them facedown.  Cards that have an immediate effect (Prayer) or cards that have an effect for the rest of the round (Wedding) must be placed faceup, but cards that only have an effect later (and cards that begins with "The next time...") may be placed facedown, and then revealed when the have an effect.  I like that, but I also like to keep it so that's an option for players, not a requirement like it is with Frenzies.  So a Player might choose to lay Sermon faceup anyway, for instance.  Either way can mess with the other Players, so I think that works out well.

Friday, May 8, 2015

FissureVerse: Locations

Locations have been uploaded to the drive.  A lot of them have been clarified to refer to the Direct version of actions, since the new rules give different types.  For instance, The Signpost used to say "You may not Frenzy."  Now it's more specific to what I originally meant, and says "You may not Directly Frenzy."  So you can still Replace a Frenzy or Unfrenzy, you just can't place a Frenzy card on a Devotee to turn it into a Zealot.

Similarly, Bottom of the Universe, Cremation, Haven, and Plains of Filth have been clarified with the "Direct" wording.  I'll probably need to redo the cards that already have art (at least to center the text), but later.

Cosmic Disruption has been clarified, hopefully the text is more clear about what it means.

I also noticed something strange last week when I was making Blue cards: the previously made Blue cards made solid contact with each other when put in a word document, but the "ART TBD" cards had a pixel or two of white space between.  I couldn't figure it out, but the same thing happened to the Frenzies, and then with the Locations.  The Locations were easier to notice, however: the new "ART TBD" cards are being exported from Inkscape at 180 DPI, while the previous cards are 200 DPI, leading to a little error in translation.  It's fine for now, I just have to remember to double check new cards I make with proper art to make sure they're in 200 DPI.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

FissureVerse: Frenzies

The full set of Frenzies has been uploaded to the drive.  It is easily printable as a PDF, just like the Blue player set.  Of course it's extremely important to put the Frenzies up, since they are a huge part of the game with absolutely no placeholder art in them yet.  It's hard to playtest a game when a major mechanic is missing.

I've rebalanced Academic, Bravery, Paranoia, and Rabies so each negative attribute is only -1 instead of -2.  Before, the total for the change in each case was -4, while now it's only -1.  That's makes a huge difference, and I think players are much more likely to choose those Frenzies in their deck now.

Fountain, Overhill, and Secrets have been rebalanced as well, so each attribute negative is -2, instead of -3.  As well, the fourth attribute that had been unchanged in each case is also -2.  So for those you take a -2 to every attribute, but you can't be converted/killed by a specific attribute.  I wonder how balanced that is.  I think they're more balanced than they were before, but whether they're still too imbalanced will have to be discovered.

Friday, May 1, 2015

FissureVerse: Blue Set

While I'm slowly working on finding placeholder art, I think it's important to move along the cards in other respects to let players play with a full, balanced set (at least as balanced as I can get until playtesting proves otherwise).

So for now, I've added the full set of Blue cards in the Google Drive folder as a PDF for easy printing.  I'll add all the rest soon.

The only difference from previous cards in Blue is that Respectators has had in Water attribute boosted to be more in line with similar cards.