Sunday, August 21, 2016

Computer go boom

Hard drive boot sector failed, so I am using a loaner until I can get my data off the old hard drive, then get a new computer.  I have a recent backup, so I haven't lost too much; probably a couple of posts' worth of FissureVerse cards need to be remade.  Not the end of the world, fortunately.  Just the slow process of putting everything in order...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

FissureVerse – The Prophet of Prophets Hitchhikes

Thanks to Hozure for the art!

Prophet of Prophets, Hitchhiker
Click to see bigger.
My original Prophet of Prophets placeholder was just a picture of Nostradamus, but copying a classic prophet look would be too cliché. I like the new look of the art far better, and I think it goes well with the stats, and the magic thorns coming up from the bottom are one way to explain the special rules. (The other way is to say the other Crusaders in the Field are filled with vigor from hearing that they will win from the Prophet so they fight better).

Hitchhiker has an Easter egg in the art: the character in the middle is literally standing on a giant hand. Ha! I was arguing with myself for a while over which card that art would go with, first thinking “Learning to Walk”, then thinking of various other Yellow and Green cards, but Hitchhiker is too good a visual pun to pass up. I also slightly modified Hitchhiker's stats so its Reason stat gets boosted while its Torment stat gets nerfed. This works to Hitchhiker's advantage, since it's now harder to be converted by Reason. I am currently stumped on flavor text, and I kind of do what something, since I could make it fit, but for now it will go without and I may revisit it later.

Next log: Four more cards after a hiatus...