Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm back

Hectic month with moving and such, but that's all done now.  I'm going to get back to at least a semi-regular posting schedule again, as things are starting to settle down.

I've got a slew of projects to get on, so the blog may be scattershot for a while (as it should be).  I'm restarting Latchkey, and continuing work on FissureVerse, so at minimum you've got those to look forward to.  I think I also promised a while ago that I'd begin showing some work on a tabletop RPG I've been designing, so there may or may not be something presentable for that.  Other little projects here or there may pop up when I'm in the mood, like working on those DOOM levels or making some corrections to Dominion expansions.

All in all, lots of work to do!