Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dominion: After Dark Part 12 - Last of the Suggested Sets

Here are the last five suggested sets for my expansion:

Dominion: After Dark alone:

At the Edge of Town:  Banshee, Campfire, Dark Forest, Funeral Home, Ghost Town, Hanging Tree, Knocker, Voodoo Queen, Wendigo, Zombie

This one is balanced, I hope, though perhaps a little money-heavy.  It does involve a fair bit of trashing, so perhaps that will balance things out.

With Dominion: Prosperity:

Rabble Rousing: Goons, Hoard, Rabble, Watchtower, Worker's Village / Angry Mob, Blood Pact, Midwife, Voodoo Queen, Zombie

Hugely attack-heavy, but there's enough in there to help you keep those attacks at bay.

With Dominion: Cornucopia:

Midnight Traders: Farming Village, Hunting Party, Horse Traders, Jester, Menagerie / Campfire, Chaplain, Funeral Home, Seance, Wendigo

This one has some Curses and Charms to go around, but there is also enough variety in other cards that these mechanics don't completely overwhelm the set.

With Dominion: Hinterlands:

Hiding in the Dark:  Cartographer, Crossroads, Oasis, Scheme, Tunnel / Banshee, Dark Forest, Ghost Town, Hanging Tree, Knocker

A set without any Charms, or any attacks except for Poltergeist, but there is a bit more discarding and trashing than normal here.

With Dominion: Guilds:

Closed For Curfew: Advisor, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Merchant Guild, Plaza / Goblin, Midwife, Ripper, Seance, Werewolf

For this one, I originally considered having Physician instead of Goblin, because I thought it was neat to have a Midwife / Physician combo, but Physician was a little too specific here, so I swapped it out with Goblin to balance the set better.  Now it's a somewhat attack-heavy but otherwise fairly good set that makes plenty of use of the money token Guilds mechanic.

I also fixed up the rulebook and the card printout PDFs so you can have the latest versions.

Card Printout PDF v.2
Rulebook PDF v.2

Edit 9/19/17: Google Drive Link

Print, play, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dev Log: Horror Text Adventure #49

A few random odds and ends this week.  Every little thing gets a little closer to a playable game!

I fixed the message when you try to lock a door, so it tells you whether you actually locked the door or whether it was already locked.

I similarly made it so if you try to erase a chalkboard with nothing on it, it properly tells you that there's nothing to erase, rather than assuming you successfully erased everything.

Also with chalkboards, now if you draw and erase too much, the chalkboard becomes smudgy and you can't draw on it anymore (until you wash it, but that's been put on the to-do list... I need to create water first).

I added stairs as a type of barrier.  They act like passages except for line of sight, essentially.  When you are in a room and receiving the directional descriptions, it'll tell you what room is nearby if you can see it down a passage, instead of telling you there is a passage.  But with stairs, you're just told you see stairs to one direction, or leading up or down.  But other than that they're the same: passable, not lockable, nor closable.

If you try to take an item that can't be picked up, the message you get now says what the item is you're try to take, rather than just saying "item".

Just chipping away...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dominion: After Dark Part 11 - Price Fixing & Suggested Sets

I've decided to change Chaplain's cost to 3, down from 4.  I also changed its ability from being able to trash up to 4 cards down to 3.  Even being able to trash 4 cards didn't justify the original price, so I think this will work out better.

I also upped the price of Hanging Tree from 3 to 4, because it seemed to be overpowered when I tested it.

These two price changes don't effect the suggested sets that use them enough to need to alter them, as the prices are still even enough to work.

As for new suggested sets:

Dominion: After Dark alone:

Someone in London: Con Man, Folklorist, Goblin, Graveyard, Hideaway, Hunchback, Midwife, Physician, Ripper, Werewolf

This one is a charm- and curse-filled set, but doesn't use Apparitions or Poltergiest.

With vanilla Dominion:

Crime & Punishment: Bureaucrat, Moat, Thief, Throne Room, Witch / Angry Mob, Dark Forest, Folklorist, Funeral Home, Physician

This one, as the name implies, is attack-heavy.  However, it's also low on extra actions, and low on charms, so that makes Folklorist a must-have card for every player to get early in the game.

With Dominion: Intrigue:

At the Gates: Courtyard, Scout, Steward, Tribute, Upgrade / Banshee, Hunchback, Knocker, Seance, Werewolf

This one is also fairly low on extra actions, but there are enough that there should be no necessary card, so players can breathe a little easier here.

With Dominion: Alchemy:

Outsmarted: Apothecary, Herbalist, Philosopher's Stone, Possession, University / Campfire, Con Man, Hideaway, Ripper, Voodoo Queen

Originally with this one I had Vineyard instead of Possession, because Possession is a very evil card... but then I decided this ought to be a very evil set.

With Dominion: Guilds:

Too Rich for My Blood: Doctor, Herald, Masterpiece, Soothsayer, Taxman / Blood Pact, Chaplain, Ghost Town, Hanging Tree, Wendigo

This one is big on money, so it might be a fast-moving game.

Test 'em out, see how they work!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dev Log: Horror Text Adventure #48

I added "climb" as a move word, currently synonymous with "walk" and such.  So the player can say "climb north" for now, which doesn't make much sense, but I'll fix to have the correct usage later.  A player might say "climb over the counter" or "climb the stairs" or "climb through the window", so what I'll do soon is make it so if the player uses "climb" (or for that matter, any move command) with a barrier type, if there is only one of that type of barrier in the room, the player will just go through it, regardless of direction.

I chopped out barrier types as individual classes, just like I had done with rooms.  Now every barrier has the same booleans; many just won't change.  This was so that way I could have an easier time coding up locking things, so the player can lock doors and windows (and potentially items).

So, I got locking barriers to work next (at least barrier types that are lockable without a key).  So windows and doors default to lockable without a key, so the player can type "lock door" and it will lock the door in the room.  I'm working on functionality to check for more than one door and for the player to specify which door.  I'm also partway there with lockable items, like chests and stuff.

Next, of course, I had to add a check for locked barriers when the player tries to move, so if the door is locked they can't get through it.  The error message is still simply "you can't go that way", so I'll have to find a way to split up messages to say expressly why a player can't go a certain way.

Next comes unlocking.  And probably preventing locking in common areas, because that would get annoying.