Saturday, December 3, 2016

New PC, new blog name

So I finally got a new PC and am slowly customizing it.  I tried to access my old broken hard drive and it is dead for good, so I lost a little bit of work and will have to redo a little bit.  Not too much is gone from FissureVerse or other creative projects; I just lost a lot of my music and games which weren't backed up.  But not the end of the world.

Bigger news is I think my blog name (Scattergamed) is getting dumb, so I'll be changing it.  Hopefully Google is smart enough to redirect to the new blog name for a period of time before decommissioning the old name.  Otherwise, it may appear like the blog has disappeared.  Since I won't know what I'm naming it until I figure out what's available, I can't even say right now what I'm changing it to.  Well, if you lose your bookmark or something, perhaps do a search for "FissureVerse" and my new blog will pop up.  That's all I got.

Edit: ScatterGamed is now Pixelated Dice. Also, I have to fix every single link I've ever made between posts, so that may take a while.

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