Tuesday, July 12, 2016

FissureVerse – Lost Souls in Hiding

Thanks to Lastovka Dmitriy for the art!

Lost Souls
Click to see it bigger.
Lost Souls has always been a bit of a fun one to get art for. The term comes from the DOOM enemy, which is just a floating skull. I like how this art makes the Lost Soul look like a Grim Reaper, who himself is supposed to shepherd lost souls. I also kinda like how it's similar to Nomads, so The Noise is developing a Grim Reaper kind of theme, which of course goes well with what they stand for. I changed the extra rules to include that if a Zealot is killed (not just converted), the Frenzy is lost as well.


The location Paradox has been giving me a headache to find art for (well, the last few locations left have all been doing so). I've decided to mix things up a little bit. First, what was once Paradox is now Dimension Zed, and what was once Dimension Zed is a newly named location called Hiding. Kind of like how you can be in Denial, you can also be in Hiding. It struck me only when I found this art, which suggests to me there may be people in hiding in this picture, waiting for a terror to pass by (like mice when a cat's snooping about).

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