Monday, February 27, 2017

FissureVerse: New Layouts, icons, and art

Thanks to Phill Berry and for the art!

FissureVerse gets a bit of an artistic overhaul. Firstly, I switched up all the icons for consistency, and to give proper credit for them (I'd never found appropriate attribution for the old set of icons). They are all similar in nature to the old icons, but I used the tools at to customize them. Since I noticed before that the blue of Emptiness Crusaders and Emptiness Locations were different, I used the palettes for the icons to create a consistent color scheme. Location cards also got extended art space and rules/flavor text space (shrinking the location names a bit to achieve this). I also upped the resolution from 200 to 300 dpi. I am sure this will increase the file sizes, but I'll take that to make things nicer.

I have so far blitzed through the Location and Solidity cards with new layouts, so I could add this new art:

Grime, A Child's Imagination, Cave of the Weeping, With the Fishes
Clicky clicky to see the details...y.

Grime is the home of The Derelict, and being that I've had a bit of affection for the group, I've always been hesitant to find good art for the card. Originally Grime was meant to be a sort of slums, where Solidity keeps them down. The background to the location is perhaps still similar, but with the fortress-style art here and all the turrets, I think it shows that Solidity keeps The Derelict in line with an iron fist, and rules over them in a more direct way, rather than the subtle scheming way of the previous iteration. Still, the new flavor text helps to push it closer to the original direction.

The other three cards are old cards, just updated with some new flavor text and fixed colors and icons.

You notice, of course, the new faction symbols (similar enough to the old ones), and the new attack symbol in the extra rules. That brings us to regular cards:

Servants of Solidity, Cavernous, The Derelict

Servants of Solidity gets a refresh in art and flavor text, to keep the theme more sci-fi and make Solidity a little less comical.

Again, the extras here are for new flavor text, and The Derelict in particular is to show how the Solidity symbol looks when stuck in the special text.

The rest of the cards will be updated slowly, probably as I get some new art for each card type. Until then, there may be a mismatch in the style of each card type with the new vs. old layouts (as well as the cards which I haven't gotten art for yet, like the remaining Solidity and Location cards).

Edit 3/6/17: The Solidity cards were accidentally exported as 200 DPI; they have been reexported as 300 DPI to match the Location cards.

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